Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Snow Dome Museum, Ikejiri Institute of Design and my Old Neighborhood / スノードームミュージアムと世田谷ものづくり学校と昔の近所

After wandering around Setagaya Park, I remembered there was a Snow Dome Museum in this neighborhood which I had been meaning to go to for quite a while.  Today seemed like the perfect day to check it out.  What I didn't know was that it is located inside the Ikejiri Institute of Design.  You had to sign in to go into the building.  And you will discover that the Snow Dome Museum consists of one really small room.  Two rooms to be exact but you can only take pictures in the outer room.  The inner room is where the world's snow domes (or snow globes if you prefer) are displayed.  The ones in the outer room are made by people who participate in the workshops they hold there and are for sale as well.

世田谷公園を探索したあと、あることを思い出した。この近くにスノードームミュージアムがあること。自分は昔から行こうと思って、今日は行ってみるしかない。知らなかったことはあるビルの中にある。それは世田谷ものづくり学校 (通称IID)、池尻インスティテュート・オブ・デザイン。学校なので、入校するにはちゃんとサインインが必要。凄い地味なミュージアムですが、見ると楽しめる。部屋は二つあって、表側のほうしか写真撮影が許されてない。奥の部屋に世界中のスノードームが展示されてる。表側はワークショップで作られたものが展示されて、販売されてます。

The Snow Dome Museum was really easy to find.  A very large snow dome is displayed outside the room.  The only question I have is how to shake the really large one to see the snow.


I think this was one of favorite designs.


Dude and a Beer Man! /  ドウードとビールマン!

Since I'm checked in at the Institute, I decided to go exploring and check out some of the other rooms. 


There is a restaurant where you can eat.  I think it was all organic too.


A notice posted on the bread making room.  It says they do not sell the bread here at the Institute as their method for making the bread is quite time-consuming and they take a lot of care and use specific ingredients.  However, you can order the bread on the internet.


A clothes shop made by this machine.


And there was this interesting shop that had all sorts of knick-knacks on display. And the products are for sale as well.


Wandering around the institute was pretty interesting. A great way to spend some time on a Sunday.


Another place I may have to investigate in the future.


A restaurant I would love to take my friend too on his next visit to Japan - a Nihon shu bar.


As I was heading back home, I decided to wander through my old neighborhood of Mishuku.


This was my neighborhood sento (public bathhouse).  I went here many times.  I also did my laundry at the coin laundry here as well after the other coin laundry room I used caught on fire. Its a mystery why I didn't bother to buy a washing machine.


Finland sauna [Joban-yu].  Too bad there was a notice on the door saying that the sento was closing for good.  Such a diminishing culture, like the old drive-in theaters of America.

フィンランド サウナ 「常盤湯」。残念なお知らせも読みました。この銭湯も閉店になった。日本の銭湯文化が段々なくなっていく。アメリカのドライブ・イン・シアターと似たような感じ。

The coin laundry I used almost every week.  Or every other week because I was a lazy bastard!


I never did figure out what this shop was but it was open when I moved here back in 1995 so its been in business for over 20 years.


Rice Shop / 米屋

A tonkatsu shop which was only a two minute walk from my apartment but yet another place I never went to.


And there are a bunch of these little parks in my old neighborhood where you will come across a lot of stray cats.


I think I may have to do another old neighborhood walk and take more pictures of places I used to go to and see how things have changed or remained the same from twenty years ago.  Heck, even my immediate neighborhood has changed in the ten years I've been here as well. Until next time.


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