Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Losing Our Way to Shimotakaido / 下高井戸まで辿り着いてない散歩

On a recent Sunday, my wife and decided to go for a walk along the Setagaya Line.  We would walk from our apartment to the end of the Setagaya Line at Shimo Takaido.  The Setagaya Line runs from Sangenjaya to Shimotakaido and is 5km long.  As we left from Wakabayashi, our walk one way would be 4km.  But we plan on walking back as well. We planned on having lunch at an Indian restaurant we had been to a few years ago.  But first, we would have to see if it is still in business.  And while we were walking towards Shimotakaido, we also made a short stop at Kamimachi as one of my friends helped open a new bakery called [Sincerite]. Of course we bought some bread.  We even received a small bonus pack of three different types of bread.

この間の日曜日僕と妻が世田谷線沿いの散歩を実行した。世田谷線は三軒茶屋から下高井戸まで繋がる電車で、5キロの長さです。私たちは若林駅から歩いたので、4キロです。でも帰りも歩く予定なので、往復すると8キロ。歩く途中に上町でちょっと寄り道。なぜと言えば昨日・今日友達が新しいパン屋の開店を手伝ったので、会いに行った。パン屋の名前は「サンセリテ」。もちろんパンも買いましたよ。 開店の感謝に3種類のパンも貰いました。

Our friend standing in front the newly opened bakery [Sincerite].


We came across the Michizakura Inari Jinja.


Somehow we took a wrong turn and didn't make it Shimotakaido and had lunch at an Indian restaurant in Kyodo.  Oh well, we'll try walking a little more closely to the railway line so we don't get lost. So giving up on our walk to Shimotakaido, we stopped by Setagaya Hachimangu near Miyanosaka.  We hadn't been here so it was a treat to ourselves.


The torii to Setagaya Hachimangu.


This place was larger then we first thought.


Hand purifying basin / 手水舎

Hondo / 本堂

This shrine holds sumo tournaments and has a sumo mound on the grounds.


Strength Stones / 力石

Enoden on display at Miyanosaka / 宮の坂で展示されてる江ノ電

Dinner with the bread we bought and some spaghetti as well.


Next week, we will try walking a little closer to the railway line so we can actually make our goal of walking to Shimotakaido.


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