Thursday, June 9, 2016

Namaste Tokyo Restaurant & Bar / ナマステ 東京 インド・ネパール料理

Although we didn't make it to the Indian restaurant in Shimotakaido, we decided to have lunch at an Indian/Nepalese restaurant called [Namaste Tokyo] in Kyodo.  It was a choice between this one and another one we found closer to the station but decided on this one for this simple fact that we didn't want to backtrack.

下高井戸のインド料理店でランチする予定だったんが、道に迷ってなぜか経堂のほうに到着。頭の中はもうインド料理モードだったので、経堂に2件もありました。駅の近くの一軒かちょっと離れたところにあったこの店。単純に駅まで戻りたくなかったので、この店、「ナマステ 東京」に決定。

We had the entire second floor to ourselves and it had a nice homey atmosphere.


My wife and I both ordered the same dish - the Ladies set which consisted of two curries (butter chicken and dal, that would be lentils for you Westerners), tandoori chicken, salad, and all you can eat rice and naan and dessert! We were also served soup as service.


We started off our meal with soup and salad.  The soup was a light chicken broth and the dressing on the salad was mighty tasty too.  Something similar to French.


The naan was nice, hot and fluffy.


The servings of both curries were just right. The butter chicken was mild with a touch of spice.  The dal curry was quite good too. I'm quite fond of lentils.  The tandoori chicken as you can see was not the orangish color you get in a lot of places.  When not dipping the naan into the curries, you can always eat it with rice.  Neither of us bothered with refills of rice or more naan.  The portion was quite filling for both of us.


And lastly, we enjoyed our dessert of ice cream.


We're going to attempt the walk along the Setagaya Line again next week.  And next time, we are determined to make it to the Indian restaurant in Shimotakaido. Until next time.

来週はまた世田谷線沿いの散歩をリベンジします。必ず下高井戸まで辿りつくよう頑張ります。そして、目的地のインド料理店でランチを食べる! でわでわ、また今度。

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