Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Walk along the Setagaya Line to Shimotakaido / 世田谷線沿い下高井戸までの散歩

And the following weekend, our second attempot to walk along the Setagaya Line to the last station, Shimotakaido and lunch at an Indian restaurant we had been to a few years ago. This time on our walk we discovered another shrine we hadn't been to, Rokusho Jinja in Akatsutsumi in Setagaya Ward.

次の週末に世田谷線沿いで下高井戸のリベンジ散歩を実行。そして昔食べに行ったインド料理店へ。 今回の散歩でまた知らない神社に参りました。世田谷区赤堤にある六所神社。

No dragons at this water purifying basin.  You are greeted by a turtle instead.


Hondo / 本堂

Of all the times we've been to Shimotakaido, there was a particular building that always caught my interest as I would see it from the window of the tram.  Part of a building shaped like a train.  And since we were walking today, I would finally get a chance to check it up close.


This is the building.  I thought it might be some kind of shop or restaurant but it looks like it was just part of the apartment building.  It still remains a mystery to me why it was built this way.


The Setagaya tram / 世田谷線

We found the Indian restaurant but it appears the name has changed.  I talked to one of the cooks who told me it has already changed its name twice but still remains an Indian restaurant.  And this is where we had lunch, but of course the restaurant will get its own post.


Cool design on this building for an izakaya.


And for you Engrish lovers - how about a nice "stake"? 


Bamboo forest in the city.


We just couldn't pass up on this yaki-imo (grilled sweet potato) shop, [Fuji], for dessert. 


But we didn't order any hot sweet potatoes.  Instead, we had their sweet potato ice cream.  It was so delicious.


Next week, my wife and I are planning on having dinner at the Thai Festival in Yoyogi Park once she gets off work.  This festival has probably become the most popular festival at Yoyogi Park that last year my friends and I decided we would no longer gather here.  Just too crowded and not fun. However, my wife and I discovered that if its just the two of us and if we go after 6pm, it wouldn't be as crowded and we wouldn't drink that much or overeat.  My friends and I decided that we would have our annual gathering at the Laos Festival instead.  The food wouldn't be that much different, but it will be way less crowded. But those will be future posts.


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