Sunday, June 12, 2016

Indian Nepali Dining [Khana Pina] / インド・ネパール ダイニング 「カナピナ」

We found the Indian restaurant in Shimotakaido, only to discover that it had a new name.  As I talked to one of the cooks, he told me the name of the restaurant has changed twice in a few years.  However, it still remains an Indian restaurant.  The current name of the restaurant is [Khana Pina] and features the cuisines India and Nepal.

下高井戸にあるインド料理店はありました。まだ営業してましたが、店名が変わてる。店員の話を聞くと私たちが前に行ったときからもう2回も店名の変更がありました。でもずーとインド料理は変わっておりません。 現在の店名は「カナピナ」。インド・ネパール料理店になってます。

I had ordered the chicken spinach lunch set which is served with salad, rice, naan, and tandoori chicken. The curry is niee and thick and full of flavor.  Although the Indian restaurant we went to in Kyodo a couple of weeks ago wasn't bad, we found this place to be even better.  Its just too bad that the Indian restaurant in our neighborhood has changed names and management as well.  My wife's favorite dish just wasn't the same after the change and we haven't been back since.


Instead of the usual lassi which I would order, I decided to have an iced chai with my meal.


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