Monday, June 13, 2016

Thai Festival in Yoyogi Park 2016 / タイフェス in 代々木公園 2016

I've mentioned before that my friends and I have decided to not meet at the annual Thai Festival held at Yoyogi Park for the simple reason that it has become one of the park's most popular and most crowded events.  Last year when we all got together, it was just too crowded to sit, enjoy and relax.  The lines for all the booths were very long and it just wasn't fun as it used to be.  So we decided that our annual get together will not be the Thai Festival, but two weeks later at the Laos Festival instead. However, my wife and I decided that we would go late in the afternoon, early in the evening and have dinner there.  As it would only be the two of us, we would not overeat or drink too much.  We had gone last year when the festival was nearing closing time, so we didn't have to deal with the crowds and had a pleasant time.  It was our plan for this year as well.


It was still light when we went this year as opposed to last year when it was already a bit dark. It was still a little crowded but not enough to give us a headache.


Tuk-tuks for sale this year as well.


In the afternoon, it is ten times as crowded.  You can hardly walk from booth to booth.


This was something new.  A small Thai Village within the festival itself.


Pretending to be a tuk-tuk driver.


Our first snack was some tom yam flavored chicken nuggets. Nuggets alone will not make a meal so are next dish was a little more filling.


Snack time / スナックタイム

The Tinun booth for tom yam ramen.  I have been to the actual shop which is located here in Shibuya and is quite delicious.


Tom Yam Ramen assembly line! / トムヤムラーメン組立ライン!

And it tastes as good as it looks. If you're not familiar with tom yam, it is has a sweet, spicy and sour tastes.  Makes your tastes buds come alive!

見た目も良いし、最高に美味しい。 トムヤムの酸っぱ辛さとちょっと甘さのバランスが良いですね。

Would you care to join me?


Something on this menu caught my eye and it was something we haven't tried.  So we ordered the boo paht pong curry. It is a Thai crab curry.


Crabs and curry - how can you go wrong with that?


And at this booth, I saw another favorite dish of ours, stir-fried morning glories.  And the sign says "large portion".  Of course we had to order it.


Stir-fried morning glory / 空芯菜炒め

As we were eating, it was also becoming darker by the minute, giving the festival yet a different atmosphere.


Of course we left enough room for dessert.  Here we are enjoying fresh mango and dragonfruit.


And I was not kidding, we did not drink any alcohol (by choice).


Tuk-tuks at night / 夜で見るトウクトウク

And heading back to Shibuya station walking through Center Street. And so ends another year of the Thai Festival.


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