Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Walk around Setagaya Park / 世田谷公園周辺の散歩

On a recent weekend, one of my friends was participating at a flea market in Setagaya Park.  While my wife decided to stay indoors and relax and home, the weather was too nice for me to do the same, so I thought I would meet up with my friend and just take a walk around my neighborhood.


As I was walking towards Setagaya Park, I thought I would take a walk through my old neighborhood of Mishuku and visit some of my regular haunts before I got married.  This building in particular was one I spent a lot of time at.  The basement floor is where the rock bar Blackmore was located. In B2 is another bar called Yellow which I went to from time to time as wel.


One of the entrances to Setagaya Park.


The Flea Market / フリーマケット

I did meet up with my friend, but he was just closing up shop.


Sun Dial / 太陽ダイアル

As I have mentioned before, I am also a big fan of steam engines so whenever I come across one displayed at a park, I have to take a look.


This park is popular with kids because they can ride on a miniature steam locomotive.


I had remembered that there was a Snow Dome Museum nearby which I had been meaning to check out and today seemed like a good day to do so. I've always called them snow globes but it seems the Japanese term is Snow Dome (or at least it is for this museum anyway). But I also discovered a few other places I may have to check out in the near future as well.


I think my father would love this place as well.  A specialty apple pie shop called [Granny Smith]!  The smells coming out of this building were wonderful.


A great burger and sandwich shop.  I have been here many times as well.


And I discovered a specialty cheese shop close to my neighborhood.  I won't have to go to Atago Jinja to find some great cheese!


I also discovered a gyoza shop and a hot dog restaurant that I want to check out in the near future. Next stop, the Ikejiri Institute of Design where the Snow Dome Museum is located.

ほかに餃子の店とホットドッグの店も発見しました。その2件もいざれは行ってみたいです。次の目的地は世田谷ものづくり学校(IID Ikejiri Institute of Design)。

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