Thursday, May 12, 2016

Golden Week Adventures 2016 (Part 7) / ゴルデンウィークの冒険 2016(パート7)

The Aomori Museum of Art is located next to the Sannai Maruyama Site so after our tour of history, it was time for some culture.  We received free tickets to the museum from my mother-in-law.  The featured artist was Munakata Shiko.  Interesting pieces but I wanted to go here to check out Yoshitomo Nara's Aomori-ken (ken is another word for dog), a little play on words with 県(ken - "Prefecture") and 犬(ken "Dog").  The sculpture for the Aomori-ken is located outside the building and is free for the public to see. As photos were not allowed in the building, I only have pictures of the Aomori-ken.  Ah, and the surprise I found when entering the restroom.


Aomori Museum of Art / 青森県立美術館

Art of Munakata Shiko / 棟方志功の作品

Yoshitomo Nara's "Aomori-ken" / 奈良美智の「青森犬」

Yes, it's very large!


For those of you who might not be familiar with the artist's name, you many recognize his illustrated art.  Below is an example.
Walking into the bathroom was quite a shock.  It was totally white.  No chrome, no black, no decor on the wall.  Just white white walls, white sinks, white faucet, white urinals, and very bright!

We did a lot of walking that day so we took a bus to Aomori station where my wife's sister and husband were going to meet us.  We were then going to take a short drive to Ajigasawa to see the famous Akita dog, "Wasao".  Made famous only for being cute and ugly on aome social network site.  Either Instagram or YouTube.  The dog is now a celebrity there.

Post box at the train station features a "Nebuta" figure on top.

I also had to try the regional gourmet cuisine of Kuroishi - tsuyu yakisoba.  Yakisoba in a broth.

This was more my speed - Towada beef and cheese wrap.

これがもっと自分好みでした ー 十和田牛バラ肉とチーズのラップ。

And now we wait for our ride to go to Ajigasawa.


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