Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Golden Week Adventures 2016 (Part 6) / ゴルデンウィークの冒険 2016(パート6)

After checking out the Sanmaru Museum, it was time to check out the Sannai-Maruyama Archaeological Site.  My wife told me that this area was to be the grounds for a new baseball field but when worker started digging up the ground, they found many bowls and arrowheads and other items of historical significance.  And from baseball ground to archaeological site it became.


Jomon era homes / 縄文時代の家
Our new home? / 私たちの新居?
Maybe this one / こっちはどうかな
Pillar-supported building / 掘立柱建物
Large pit-dwelling / 大型竪穴住居
My wife searching for four-leaf clovers / 四葉のクローバを探してる乙女の妻
Burial jars for children in here somewhere / この中に子供のお墓がある
Look, I'm holding up the weird looking tower.
South Mound / 南盛土
And that is it for the archaeological site.  Now, we will head to the Aomori Museum of Art.

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