Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tokyo Fire Museum (Part 1) / 東京消防博物館 (パート1)

It's been almost a year since I went to the Tokyo Fire Museum located in Yotsuya Sanchome.  I love going to museums that are free!  The museum is located in this large building.  Four to five floors of Tokyo firefighting history.


There is even a helicopter on display.

Entrance / 入口
A little area for kids to play.  A great place for a family outing.
子供が遊べる場。 家族で楽しめるこの博物館。
Of course I had to check out the helicopter first.
You see, I can say I've been in a helicopter.  I've just never ridden in one.
What can I say?  I'm a guy.  Guys like things that go - cars, trucks, trains, and helicopters!
自分はやっぱり野郎です。男は乗り物が好きなんですよ ー 車、トラック、電車、そしてヘリコプター。
And back inside the building to check out the exhibits.

Easy to read displays in Japanese and English.
These are called matoi, they are fire brigade standards.

Wheeled long box / 車長持

As the above may be hard to read, I have provided the text below.
車長持: 保険制度がなかった江戸時代、家事になると大切なものは長持ちに入れて運び出し、自分で守るしありませんでした。しかし、車長持は逃げ道をふさぎ、かえって被害を大きくすることが多く、1683年(天和3)年以降禁止されました。
Wheeled long box: During the Edo era there was no insurance system. People had to protect their valuables on their own, for example by packing precious possessions into a wheeled long box and pulling/pushing the box away from a fire.  However, since such mobile boxes blocked the streets and often increased the damages from fires, their use was forbidden in 1683.

Matoi / 纏
Early fire fighting uniform / 消防の制服
Samurai fire fighting helmut / 家事兜
Miniature replicas of fire watchtowers.

Edo era village diorama.
There is still more to see, but I shall continue on the next post...

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