Monday, March 21, 2016

Picnic Ago! Go! / ピックニック アゴー ゴー

A few months ago, I ate at this place called [Picnic Ago! Go!] in my neighborhood.  Their lunch menu features a variety of sandwiches.  Looking for a new place to eat, I chose this.  I had passed by this shop on many occasions and had even been here when it was a bar called "Motion Lotion".  And contrary to what my mother thinks, I do not eat out every day.  I first went to this place for lunch back in October or November so I did not eat these sandwiches all at one sitting.

何ヶ月前に自分の休日で新しいところにランチが食べたかったので、行ってみたのはこの可愛いみせ、「ピックニック・アゴー!ゴー!」。 ランチメニューにサンドウィッチがメイン。僕はこの店の前何回も通ったことがあって、やっと入ってランチを食べてみた。店のサンドウィッチにはまって、なんかいも行って全種類のサンドを食べた。僕のお母さんの思い込みと違って、毎日外食してないので、何ヶ月の間で全種類を食べた。

It's a cute little cafe that also features homemade desserts (which I still haven't tried).


The first sandwich I tried was their beef.  The buns they used are light and fluffy and they toast them before serving your sandwich.  The beef is filled with homemade corned beef, mashed potatoes, Camembert cheese sauce and mustard.


The sandwich is served with a small cup of soup (changes every few days), salad and a plate of three varieties of fried potatoes.  Drink is included as well, served on a stylish cutting board.  All for 1,200yen (tax included).
On another visit, I tried their chicken sandwich.  This included grilled chicken with yuzu pepper, marinated mushrooms with salted kelp, and yuzu pepper mayonaisse.

Next, I tried their avocado sandwich.  This is filled with avocado, negitoro, wasabi soy sauce, wasabi mayonaisse, long green onions, and garlic butter.
I couldn't resist trying their fish sandwich too.  Not your typical fish sandwich.  They used smoked mackerel!  The filling includes grilled and smoked mackerel, curried flavored sauerkraut, lettuce and mustard mayonaisse.
I of course tried the standard fish sandwich which uses horse mackerel and is called aji-fry in Japanese.  The filling consists of horse mackerel, yukari tartar sauce, Worcestershire sauce, lettuce, and lemon butter.
Their pork sandwich is awesome too.  Filling includes homemade roast ham, sliced Gouda cheese, green lettuce and mustard.
The shop changed the filling for their chicken sandwich so I had to try that too.  The new filling consists of grilled chicken, special sauce, cucumber tartar sauce, and lettuce.

 Bon Appetit!

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