Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Carl's Jr. comes to Japan / カールズ・ジュニア 日本上陸

Although New York's "Shake Shack" made its presence known first, the lines are still too long for me to check it out.  But this month was also the debut of yet another American burger chain - Carl's Jr.  My friend Tetsu called me up and said isn't it about time to go out for a burger.  And off we went to Akihabara - location of Japan's first Carl's Jr.  There was a line in front of the store but fortunately not as long as the one you would see in front of "Shake Shack".  We were told it would be about an hour wait and we almost decided to go somewhere else but seeing the turnover in the shop, we didn't think it would be that long, so like good stereotypical Japanese, we stood in line.  Our wait 30 minutes.

ニューヨークの有名のバーガー屋「シェイク・シャック」が先に日本上陸しましたが、現在行列がつづいてまだ食べに行ってません。そこで、今年の3月はなんとまたアメリカンバーガーチェイン店のカールズ・ジュニアが日本初上陸!場所は秋葉原。友達のてっちゃんから連絡あって、そろそろバーガー食いに行く時期じゃねっと。秋葉原に着いたら超強烈を見て諦めモードになったが、その列はアニメ関連の店の列だった。バーガーショップを発見したら、やっぱり行列はできて、一時間待ちと言われた。でも店から客がちょこちょこ出てるからそんなに時間かからないから日本人らしく行列に並びました。 30分待ってました。

Trying to decide what to order before getting inside the shop by checking out the Carl's Jr. flyer.


As we were getting closer to the entrance, we were given the official menu.


Tetsu and I have already decided on ordering one of the thick burgers - you have a choice of a 1/3 or 1/2 pounder.


"Bigger Bolder Better" with an afternoon beer no less.
A taste of Cali in Tokyo!
I ordered the 1/3 lb Guacamole Bacon Burger.  Not an avocado burger, an avocado dip burger (many Japanese are still not familiar with guacamole).  And yes, it was quite delicious.
僕が注文したのはワコモレベーコンシックバーガー。アボカドバーガーではないですよ、アボカドディップ(ほとんどの日本人はワカモレとまだわかってないと思う)。 はい、やっぱりアメリカの味!美味しいですよ。
My friend Tetsu ordered the 1/2 lb Portabello Mushroom Burger.  I think I may have to try that on my next visit!
Since it was our first visit, we decided to share a plate of chili cheese fries.
Bon Appetit!
Is someone enjoying his lunch?  Yes, I think so!
誰かアメリカンバーガーを楽しんで食べてる? はい!そのとおり!!
Nom nom!

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