Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bodegita / ボデギータ

Returning to my roots of when I started this blog which means featuring great food and restaurants.  Recently, as I was walking to Shimokitazawa from my apartment, I noticed this Cuban restaurant called [Bodegita] was opened for lunch.  I had passed by this restaurant on many occasions but they were only open for dinner when they moved to Shimokitaza.  I recall this restaurant when it was located in Ebisu.  I wasn't sure if it was the same place as yet though but there isn't that many Cuban restaurants in Tokyo.  The restaurant had moved from Ebisu to Roppogi (ate there once too), and then I was happy to discover it near my neighborhood. And after watching the movie "Chef" recently and my sister posting a picture of a Cubanos on Facebook, I was dying to eat a Cubanos (Cuban sandwich).  I knew of a place in Akasaka but they no longer do lunch.  So it was great that Bodegita is now open for lunch and of course they had a Cubanos on their menu! 

僕が個人ブログ初めて頃はほとんど食べ物か飲食店のネタでした。今でもそうですが、やっぱりこのブログの初期のころ思い出すわ。この間うちから下北まで散歩してたら、気になって店がランチを始めました。 何回も店の前を通りましが、その時はまだ夜しかやってなかった。あともう一つ気になってのは、この店はもしかして何年か前に恵比寿で行ったレストランかな。その後、店が六本木に移転。まさか六本木から下田沢へ? この日は下北でランチする予定だったが、ボデギータがランチやってることで、キューバサンドもメニューもあったし、ここに決定。ま、最近「シェフ」という映画も観て、妹がフェイスブックでチューバサンドの写真もあっぷしたし、やっぱり僕もキューバサンドが食べたくなった。

They're open on Sundays for lunch too!


Sandwich served with a salad.


The Cubanos with fries. 


Quite delicious.  I decided that I would come here for lunch the following weekend as well.


The restaurant is located in the basement of a building.  There was a free live show that was about to start but I only went here for the food.


And yep, I came back the following weekend and decided to try there Menu Bodegita which consisted of congri (rice with black beans), puerco asado (roast pork), name (yam ajillo), and is served with a salad.

はい、次の週もここでランチをしました。注文したのはメニューボデギータ。 サラダ付で、メインはお米と黒豆の炊き込みご飯、ロースポークと山芋のアヒージョ。

Bon Appetit!


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