Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Walk around Hanazono Jinja / 花園神社のお散歩

After eating ramen for lunch last week, we headed off to meet our friend Reiko in Shinjuku.  We would meet her at the entrance of Hanazono Jinja.


This is not the main entrance to the shrine but one of it's alternatives.


Hanazono Haiden / 花園神社 拝殿
Haiden / 拝殿
Shrine grounds / 境内
Osame Daimyoujin / 収め大明神
Haiden / 拝殿
Kagura-den / 神楽殿 
Takaramono-den / 宝物殿
There was still some snow leftover from last week.
Itoku Inari Jinja Torii Tunnel / 威徳稲荷神社の鳥居トンネル
Itoku Inari Jinja / 威徳稲荷神社
Otori / 大鳥居
Hanazono Shrine Seal / 花園神社の御朱印
We'll be meeting up with more friends at 6pm and will look for a an izakaya to have a few snacks and drinks before catching our friend's show at a live house called Lotus.  The band Tough Box will be playing a full 90 minute set.  Our friend has a solo spot too.
We were on our way to Yotsuya Sanchome through Shinjuku Nichome, Tokyo's famous gay area.


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