Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Yokohama Ie-Kei Ramen [Machida Shoten] / 横浜家系ラーメン 「町田商店」

Last Sunday, one of our friends who plays drums for a band was having a show this evening in a small venue in Yotsya.  We were going to meet his wife before the show, walk around Hanazono Jinja, then meet up with some friends for a few snacks and drinks before heading to live house.  But as my wife and I had a very small breakfast, we left the house early (had to do a little shopping for Mom) and decided on having some ramen before heading out to Shinjuku.  We decided on this ramen shop called Machida Shoten.


Do you think being near the largest Tower Records shop has something to do with their sign inside.  For those of you not familiar with Tower Record's catch copy, it is "No Music! No Life!"

渋谷店タワーレコードが近いからこういうサインが店内にあったのかね。No Music! No Life!のパクリか?それとも尊敬か?

I ordered the aji-tama ramen.  The soup is a tonkotsu (pork-based) broth.  You can choose if you want the flavor to be a little more robust, or a little light, or standard.  You can also choose if you want your noodles a little stiff or not.  The noodles are thicker than most tonkotsu ramen eateries, but thick enough that the broth sticks to the noodles for one flavorful ramen.  The aji-tama was perfect.  The charshu just right and I always enjoy nori in my tonkotsu ramen!  There are also a host of condiments that you could add to your ramen as well which is set on the table - pureed garlic, karamiso, pepper, etc.


The shop is located in Shibuya right across the street from the Tokyu Hands store.  I may have to go here again soon.


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