Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Silver Week Getaway 2015 (Part 8A) Kongousan Zuihouji / シルバーウィークの旅 2015(パート8A)金剛山 瑞宝寺

Before deciding on where to eat for lunch and before going to Furumine Jinja, we stopped by this temple that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere and was not crowded at all.  But the more we explored, the more I really enjoyed this place.  It was called Kongousan Zuihouji.

ランチを食べる前と古峰神社に行く前になにもないところにあるお寺を発見。気になって探索してみた。 東照宮と違って私たち以外に誰もいない。静かで素晴らしい。行ってみたのは金剛山瑞宝寺。

Pretending to wait for a bus at this quaint little bus stop.


What caught our eyes were these three huge statues that you could see from the road. These are the Fudo Myou Ou

三体の大きな像を発見したら、どういうお寺か神社なのか気になって行ってみた。 これは不動明王三尊(ふどうみょうおう)。

Dragonfly / トンボ
Did someone forget their geta?  And a very large pair too!
Shoudou Shounin / 勝道上人
Torii / 鳥居
Shrine to Benten / 弁天
Kongodouji / 金剛童子
Shakujo Dragon / しゃくじょう龍
Ken / 剣
Chozuya or Temizuya (hand purification basin) / 手水舎
Holy Kannon / 聖観音
We are climbing the steps to go to the honden.

Benten / 弁天
Jizo Bosatsu / 地蔵菩薩
Juichimen Kannon / 十一面観音
Huge Kettle / 釜
One grain of rice will multiply by 10,000 kettle!
Hondo / 本堂
Fudo Myou Ou protected by Nio on both sides / 不動明王と仁王
Tengu / 天狗
This is related to Shikoku's 88 temple pilgrimage but I'm not sure how.
There is still more to see but I will continue with another post.

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