Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Silver Week Getaway 2015 (Part 8B) Kongousan Zuihouji / シルバーウィークの旅 2015(パート8B)金剛山 瑞宝寺

Continuing our adventure at Kongousan Zuihouji.


The Six Jizo / 六地蔵
Seiyu Reijin / 清勇霊神
Taihaku Ryujin / 大白龍神
Zaogongen / 蔵王権現
Jinben Daibosatsu / 神変大菩薩
7 Lucky Gods of Fortune / 七福神
Benten / 弁天
Sei Kannon / 聖観音
Animal Memorial Tower / 動物供養塔
Kongousan Tengu-son / 金剛山天狗尊
Found some smaller getas, but they seem to be a bit rusty.
Crow Tengu / 烏天狗
Zuihou Doushi / 瑞峯童子
Daikokuten / 大黒天
Broom Jizo / ほうき地蔵
Kobo Daishi / 弘法大師
Kurikara Dragon Lord / くりから龍王
Akiraka Tengu / 明力天狗
7 Lucky Gods of Fortune again / また七福神が出た
Rigen Daishi / 理源大師

A dragonfly landed on Reiko's finger!

 Someone had to do it!
I was trying on my new geta but they were just a tad too large!
And of course we had to get our temple seal from here to.  And now it was off to look for a place to have lunch.

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