Saturday, October 24, 2015

Silver Week Getaway 2015 (Part 1) Kashima Jinja / シルバーウィークの旅 2015(パート1)鹿島神社

In Japan, May has Golden Week.  Because it has 3 consecutive national holidays.  However, as recently as 2 years ago, Japan has consecutive national holidays in September which makes it Silver Week.  This year, my wife and I went on a short trip with our traveling buddies Yukio and Reiko and went to Ibaraki and Tochigi Prefectures.  Our main purpose was to check out some major temples and shrines.  Day 1 of our trip, we planned on going to three or four major shrines and temples - Kashima Jingu, Kasama Inari Jinja, Hitachinokuni Izumo Taisha and Tsukuba Jinja.  Our hotel reservations are at Tsubusan Keisei Hotel at the foot of Mount Tsukuba.

日本の5月はゴルデンウィークですが、9月にシルバーウィークが出来た。今年のシルバーウィークは小旅行に出かけた。 いつもののメンバーと、仲良しの友達の幸男と玲子と一緒。今回の旅の目的は神社・お寺巡り。目指すのは鹿島神宮、笠間稲荷神社、常陸国出雲大社とつくば神社。宿は筑波山の麓にある筑波山京成ホテル。

We met our friends in their home town of Urayasu in Chiba Prefecture at 8am and our first stop was a service area to eat breakfast.  I decided to skip on having soba or ramen and ordered a pork cutlet set to start our travels with.


We reached our first destination - Kashima Jingu.
最初の目的地に到着 ー 鹿島神宮。

Kashima Jingu entrance and torii.

Map of the shrine grounds.


Hand Purification Basin / 手水舎
Barrels of sake / 酒がいっぱい
Sakura-mon (Gate) / 桜門
Gate Guardians / 仁王
I came across another visitor.
Juyosho / 授与所

Honden / 本殿
Massha Mikuriya Yashiro / 末社 御厨社
Hoko / 宝庫
Beer break / ビールの時間
And yes, there were deer here.
Okumiya / 奥宮
Carp / 鯉
I got two seals from Kashima Jingu.
Our next stop - Kasama Inari Jinja and lunch.  To be continued...
次の目的地は笠間稲荷神社と昼食。 つづく。。。

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