Saturday, October 31, 2015

Silver Week Getaway 2015 (Part 2) Kasama Inari Jinja / シルバーウィークの旅 2015(パート2)笠間稲荷神社

And continuing my posts about our travels during Silver Week.  After checking out Kashima Jinja, our next destination was Kasama Inari Jinja.  We would also be having lunch near there as well.


Here we are in Kasama!
Entrance to Kasama Inari Jinja.  One of the 3 largest Inari Shrines of Japan.
笠間稲荷神社の参道。 日本三大稲荷神社のひとつと言われてる神社です。
Sakuramon (Sakura Gate) / 桜門
Haiden / 拝殿
Toumon (East Gate) / 東門
And then it was lunch time.  We decided on a little soba shop.

The name of the shop was [Tsutaya].
Of course we would order soba at a soba shop!

A lot of you may be familiar with inarizushi.  Rice stuffed inside an abura age tofu pouch.  But this is no ordinary inarizushi.  This is an soba inari.
And our travels continue...

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