Monday, October 19, 2015

A Walk around Tsuki Jinja in Urawa, Saitama Prefecture / 埼玉建、浦和市、調神社(つきじんじゃ)の散歩

We went to Urawa in Saitama Prefecture to go to Tsuki Jinja, also known as the Rabbit Shrine.  It was time to buy a new Temple Seal Notebook as my third one was full.  And because I was born in year of the rabbit, my wife suggested the Temple Book from Tsuki Jinja because it has a cute image of a rabbit on the cover.  Today, also happened to be the night of the Super Moon.  In Japan, it was also jugoya (Full Moon Festival) where people enjoy tsukimi (moon viewing).  And if you're familiar with Japanese folk-tales, you will know that when it's a full moon, you can see a rabbit making mochi.


No komainu at this shrine.  Instead, you are welcomed by rabbits!

I think this is a statue of one of the founders of this shrine.


Hand Purification Basin / 手水舎
Not a dragon but a rabbit is at the hand purification basin as well.
Hondo / 本堂
More rabbits / 他のウサギたち

 Prayer Boards / 絵馬
More prayer boards / 絵馬
We were a little early for a performance that was to begin around 3pm.  But we wanted to head back home before dinner time.  But we had time to check out the garden nearby.
Yes, there were more rabbits here too.
The Inari Shrine was undergoing some ground reconstruction so we couldn't get a closer look.
Another view of the rabbit in the pond.
Haiku Monument / 俳句の碑
This is my new Temple Seal Book.

And of course I received my latest temple seal.
Finally, a collage of the shrine.

Then back to our apartment to see the Super Moon from the comforts of home.


The Super Moon / スーパームーン

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