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Golden Week Adventures 2015 Day 5 (Part 1) Kendo-ji / ゴルデンウィークアドベンチャー 2015年 最終日(パート1)見道寺

It is our final day in Aomori.  Our friends will be coming to pick us up around 8:00am.  I think it was actually closer to 9:00am though.  But we weren't going to drive straight back to Tokyo.  No, our first destination was only a 5 minute drive by car.  I've been going to Aomori off and on for the past ten years but not once did my wife and I go to the temple that is located closest to her mother's house.  This would be my first visit to Kendo-ji.  My friend Yukio said this temple is home to 500 rakans.  Of course I want to check those out.

ゴルデンウィーク最後の日。友達が車で私たちをあさ8時位に迎えに来る約束でした。ま、9時位になったかな。来てますぐ帰るわけではないんですけ。僕はここ10年何回も青森に行ったが、義理の母の家に一番近くにあるお寺は一度もお参りに行ったわけじゃない。今日はその近くにあるお寺、見道寺が最初の目的地。 幸男の話に聞くとここのお寺に500羅漢がある。それは見ないっと。

But first, I must say good-bye to my father-in-law.


This is Kendo-ji.  It doesn't look like much from the outside.  In fact, it looks like a small office building.  But there is a lot to see around the temple grounds.


I'm fairly certain that these are the six jizos representing the six realms of desire and karmic rebirth.


Hey, did you notice the tiny head without a body?  Look at the middle Jizo, then go down to the bottom and a bit to the right.  Did you also notice the small Jizo on the bottom left of the middle Jizo?

あれ、頭だけの地蔵発見しましたか? 真ん中の地蔵のしたの部分の右側をよくみると体なしの地蔵がいる。左側にも小さな地蔵が立っている。

We are walking up the steps of Kannon-yama.
Jibo Kannon / 慈母観音
Statues of the Chinese zodiac line the path.
Panel detail.  These are awesome.

Here is my sign - the Rabbit.


My wife and brother - Year of the Rat.

妻と自分の兄貴 ー 鼠。

My father - Year of the Horse.

お父さん ー 午。

My mother - Year of the Cow.

お母さん ー 丑。

My sister - Year of the Tiger.

妹 ー 虎。

Home to 500 Rakans.


"Greetings travelers!"

"Now listen here!"
"Beer please!"
"Metal Rules!"
"Kids these days!"
"What do you mean there's a bird on my head?"
"We're just meditating"
The White Robed Kannon / 白衣望観音堂
My mother-in-law's house is located across the way. 

Aomori Prefecture - Land of Apples.
青森県 ー 林檎の聖地。

Okay, the building does look a lot more temple like when you view it from above.
These guys are just too darn cute.
And that dragon has a long neck!
At first there didn't appear to be anyone present.  But fortunately we waited long enough to talk to the Buddhist monk and received our temple seal.

We still have a 9 hour drive ahead of us but the next order of business was to get something to eat.  And our long drive home will continue...

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