Thursday, June 25, 2015

Golden Week Adventures 2015 Day 4 (Part 3) Noheji, Recyle Shop, and Asari Ramen / ゴルデンウィークアドベンチャー 2015年 四日目(パート2)野辺地、リサイクルショップとあさ利ラーメン

As we left the Rail Bus, we headed towards Noheji Station at the request of my wife.


Here we are at Noheji Station.  Exactly why are we here?


Joya-to / 常夜灯
This is the only reason why we came to Noheji.  My wife is a big fan of Gaku Shibasaki, a current member of Japan's National Soccer Team.  This is the little tribute to the player who hails from Noheji.
Since we came this far, might as well check out the rest of the inside of the station.
An art display by someone named Yoshiko Sakamoto.  The title of the exhibition is [Chotto Mukashi no Hanashi] which translates to [Stories from Long Ago].
Noheji's mascot Gino-kun made by Noheji Catholic Kindergarten.
That was all there was to see in Noheji.  On the road back to Aomori.
Back in Aomori, we were planning on going to the ramen shop [Asari].  However, we still had time before it would open for the dinner time rush that we went to a recycle shop which features used comics, cds, games, figures, toys and a whole lot of other stuff.
青森に戻って「あさ利」というラーメン屋に行く予定。 よるの営業時間にまだ時間があって、面白いリサイクルショップに行ってきました。リサイクルショップというよりいろいろ中古屋みたいな感じだ。漫画はもちろん、CDやゲームソフトなど、フィギャー、おもちゃ、本当にいろいろあって飽きない。
Giant Robot is a staffer at this shop.
Don't you need a alien light for your home?
Ultra 7 made a guest appearance.
With the current state of America and all the talk about race, this is so politically incorrect!  Amazingly, you can still find these figures for sell.
現在のアメリカに関する人種差別など、これを見たら凄い批判の声があがるんじゃない。まさかこういうものが今でも買えるなんて。, I did not buy any of these figures.
 My brother-in-law won this at one of those crane games.
I like the design for the bathrooms.
And finally, we were the first ones to be in line at the Asari ramen shop.
Asari ramen's specialty is this Negi Ramen.  You can choose from five spicyness levels.  We had the 1/3 and it still burns your tongue but it is so delicious!
And we all shared a plate of gyoza.
And sadly, this is our last night in Aomori.  Tomorrow we will be heading back to Tokyo.  But we won't we going by shinkansen.  Our friends who were also here in Aomori on holiday will be driving back by car and we will be joining them.  And as my wife also has a driver's license, she will be one of the drivers as well.  I do not have an International Driver's License so I will probably be snoozing here and there but it will be an interesting and long road trip.  I'm actually looking forward to it.

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