Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Golden Week Adventures 2015 Day 4 (Part 2) Shichinohe Nanbu Junkan Railway Rail Bus / ゴルデンウィークアドベンチャー 2015年 四日目(パート2)七戸南部縦貫鉄道線レールバス

And here we are at Shichinohe station to take a ride on the Nanbu Junkan Railroad Rail Bus which only runs for a day or two during Golden Week.


Its an old station building as you can see.
Inside the station you could find old machines on display that were used when this Rail Bus actually ran.
Now, lets go check out the Rail Bus.
It's so cute!
Look, I even got my own Rail Bus Membership card.
I think its about time that we actually take a ride on the Rail Bus now.


Okay, so the ride lasts less than ten minutes.  But heck, its a bit of history.

The Nanbu Junkan Railway used to provide regular service from Shichinohe to Noheji between 1953 and 1966.
After our short little ride, it was time for lunch. 
As we are in Aomori Prefecture, we must have one of the Prefecture's specialty - senbei jiru.
But I could not help noticing the sign for the Shichinohe Suzume Burger.  Suzume is the Japanese word for Sparrow.  A sparrow burger?  It doesn't look like they used any sparrow though.  And of course I had to eat one.
Don't ask me why it was called the Suzume Burger but it was a burger so I enjoyed it.
My in-laws gave me their Rail Bus membership cards as well.  Aren't they cool?
みんなのレールバ会員証も貰いました。 カッコいいね。
And then at the request of my wife, we headed to Noheji.  You won't believe the reason for her wanting to go but I am always up for an adventure.  But that story will be for the next post.

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