Saturday, June 13, 2015

Golden Week Adventures 2015 Day 3 (Part 3) Aomori Shrines and Temples / ゴルデンウィークアドベンチャー 2015年 三日目(パート3)青森市神社・お寺巡り

It was walking distance to the next three temples from Rengeji.  We would check out Renshinji, Shogakuji, and Jokoji.


Renshinji / 蓮心寺
Temple bell / 寺の鐘
Shogakuji / 正覚寺
One of the quieter temples.  By the way, I don't always get a temple seal at the temples and shrines I visit.  I passed on this one as it really looked like there was nobody around.

Statue of Honen, founder of  Jodo Buddhism at 13 yrs old / 旅立ちの法然さま(13歳)
And for my literary friends, did you know Osamu Dazai was from Aomori Prefecture.  This area is where Dazai studied during his student days.
Entrance to Jokoji / 常光寺の門
This is not the Hondo (main temple) but yet another gate. 

Temple bell / お寺の鐘
Hondo / 本堂
Oh my, can you believe this is the temple seal for Jokoji?  What a disappointment.  It is just a regular stamp.  I could have done without this one.  But I guess it does make for an amusing conversation.
マジ? これが常光寺の御朱印? スタンプじゃないか。これは失敗だったね。こういうのはいりません。記念にもならないわ。ま、でも面白いネタになることは間違いない。
On our walk around the city, I was on the lookout for a couple of weird looking statues.  They are called dogu.  Little clay figurines from the Jomon period (from about 12,000BC to early as 14,500BC).  The most popular one is the Shakoki Dogu. 
Found him or her or whatever it is.  This is the Shakoki Dogu statue.
Aren't they cute in a weird way?
As my wife's friend had a car and offered to drive, she asked us if there was anywhere in particular we wanted to go.  So, taking advantage of her hospitality, I suggested going to Asamushi, a popular hot spring resort area.  My wife knew of a restaurant that she used to go to and said serves delicious omu-rice (rice omelette) and that's where we planned on going for lunch.  So next stop - Asamushi!

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