Thursday, June 11, 2015

Golden Week Adventures 2015 Day 3 (Part 2) Aomori Shrines and Temples / ゴルデンウィークアドベンチャー 2015年 三日目(パート2)青森市神社・お寺巡り

Still wandering around Utou Jinja before we head to the actual temple town of Aomori.


Did you spot the real turtle on the stone turtle?
Turtle riding a turtle!
Inari Jinja / 稲荷神社

Ryujin no Mizu (Water of the Dragon God) / 龍神之水
Well, what do you know - this is a Power Spot!
The Utou Swamp is just so cool.
Shrine to Benzaiten / 弁財天宮
A common sight at temples and shrines for the ponds full of carp.
And of course I had to get my temple seal from Utou Jinja for my collection.
Time to walk to the Temple Town.  There is one in particular that I really wanted to check out.  It was the same one where my father-in-law's funeral was held.  I was there in the middle of winter and what I am remember the most is how large and cold the temple was.  The name of the temple is Rengeji.
お寺町まで歩いて行くよ。凄い行きたいお寺があるの。それは義理の父の葬儀が行ったお寺です。蓮花寺(れんげじ)。 ちょっと切ない思いでもありますが、アメリカで結婚式をあげたあと、日本に帰った日に義理の父が亡くなりました。即急青森に行くことになった。真冬でした。自分が一番覚えてるのは本堂が大きくて凄い寒かった。

There are four large temples are located within Aomori's temple town.

Rengeji / 蓮花寺
 Saijo Inari / 最上稲荷
Mizuko Kannon / 水子観音像

I know it doesn't look that large from the outside but wait until you see the Hondo inside the building.
Inside the Hondo you will find an area of small shrines as well.  You can see one of them opened in the bottom left corner.

 Temple seal of Rengeji.
Our temple pilgrimage continues...

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