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Golden Week Adventures 2015 Day 2 (Part 1) Hakkoda Maru / ゴルデンウィークアドベンチャー 2015年 二日目 (パート1)八甲田丸

We started our 2nd day of our Golden Week adventure by taking a train from Tsugaru Shinjo to Aomori Station and went to the Aomori-Hakodate Memorial Ship Hakkoda Maru (which by the way, is where my mother-in-law works).  This was my first time visiting the ship so I was surprised by the Showa Era displays that were set up within the ship.  Very cool!


This is the view from my wife's old room at her parent's house.




My mother-in-law loves her flowers.  Before working on the Hakkoda Maru, she worked for a flower wholesaler.

Walking down to Tsugaru Shinjo station we cross the Shinjo River.


The Shinjo River / 新城川
Tsugaru Shinjo Station / 津軽新城駅

I like the cute little waiting room on the platform.


Here comes our train.


Unlike the trains in Tokyo where the doors open automatically, you must press the button to open the doors of the train on this line.


This is the Wa Rasse Building which is a Nebuta Museum.  As we have already been here, we skipped on checking it out this time.
この建物はねぶたの家 ワ・ラッセ。以前は行ったこどあるから今回は前を通っただけ。

Aomori Bay Bridge / 青森ベイブリッジ
The Hakkoda-Maru where my mother-in-law works.
Captain Stubing at your service.

Now lets take a tour of the ship.  Unfortunately some areas were under construction so we didn't get to do the complete tour.
View of Aomori in the Showa era.

Fish market / 魚市場
I see a modern day customer.  I hope she's not going to steal the fish!
I see more fish on the table.
Apple Market / りんご市場
I don't know, but the guy at the register seems to have his head turned back just a little too far.  And did you notice the drunk guy at the table?
レジのオッサンの首まわりちょっとまわりすぎない? そしてテーブルで酔っ払いも気づきましたか?
More apples!
Is that a modern day homeless person on the left?

Clothing store
Taking a peak outside the window and you're back to the future.
Salon Conference Room / サロン会議室
The Purser's Room / 事務長室
The Captain's Room / 船長室
View from the Bridge.

The Bridge / ブリッジ
Gyro compass
My turn to run the ship!
I didn't know there were so many trains on a display as well.
And these are not miniature trains that are displayed on this ship which may give you an idea of how big this ship really is.
And so ended our tour of the Hakkoda Maru.  Why is there no picture of my mother-in-law.  She didn't want her picture taken at work. 

Japan Coast Guard Ship / 海上保安庁

The triangular building is the ASPAM building where you can buy lots of food and souvenirs of Aomori. 
We are walking below the Aomori Bay Bridge.

Hakkoda-Maru / 八甲田丸
Hakkoda-Maru on the left.  The ship on the right is that Coast Guard ship.  Now you can really tell how large the Hakkoda-Maru is!
Artwork in the foreground, the ASPAM building from the side in the background.  The art object is the prizewinning artwork from Aomori Expo '88 Open-Air Exhibition. [Harmonizing Woods] by Masafumi Maita.
アートオブジェとアスパムビル(あの三角ビル)の横から見る姿。アートオブジェは青森EXPO '88 野外彫刻展入賞作品「協奏する樹々」 眞板雅文 (1944-2009)。
Another prizewinning artwork from the Aomori Expo '88 Open-Air Exhibition. [Structure of Landscape] by Hachiro Iizuka.
これも青森EXPO '88 野外彫刻展入賞作品 「風景の横造」飯塚八郎 (1928-2008)
We were going to meet our friends Yukio and Reiko in front of Aomori station around 1:30pm and then head to Hirosaki.  As we still had time on our hands, we went to ASPAM and looked around and shared a plate of curry as ASPAM was having a Spring Curry Festival.
We shared a plate of Black Garlic Beef Yakiniku Curry.
And as you know, I like to discover craft beers of different Prefectures.  I've had other craft beers from Aomori but this was my first Aomori Nebuta Beer.  After finishing this beer, we will meet our friends at the station and head to Hirosaki (only a 30 minute train ride away).  Until next time.
知ってると思いますが、僕は日本の地ビールを飲むのが大好き。青森県クラフトビールはいろいろ飲みましたが、今回見つかった地ビールは青森ねぶたビール。 このビールを飲み終わったら友達と合流して、弘前行きだ!30分の電車旅です。ではまた今度。

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