Sunday, May 10, 2015

Golden Week Adventures 2015 Day 2 (Part 2) Hirosaki Park & Hirosaki Castle / ゴルデンウィークアドベンチャー 2015年 二日目 (パート2)弘前公園と弘前城

As soon as we reached Hirosaki station, we hopped on a 100yen bus to take us to Hirosaki Park.  It's a very large park with lots of cherry blossoms, unfortunately the weather was warm this year so the full bloom was a week early.  But lucky for us, there were still quite a few cherry blossoms in bloom so we had our little cherry blossom viewing party at the park.


One of the gates to the entrance of Hirosaki Park.







Okay, this last picture wasn't of a cherry blossom.

So many food booths to choose from.


Cherry blossoms / 桜

The weather was really nice so there were a lot of people at the park having their own cherry blossom viewing party (hanami).
I love the weeping cherry blossoms.  Here are my friends Reiko and Yukio behind a curtain of them.
The first booth that caught our eye.  We had bacon on a stick and a large turkey leg.  The bacon was awesome.  The turkey leg was not only cold, it was terrible.  My tension sagged because of its quality.
Jumbo oden and Dake corn tempura food booths.
ジャンボおでんと嶽きみ天ぷら (きみは東北弁でともろこしのことだよ!)
Beer and konnyaku.
Dake corn tempura / 嶽きみ天ぷら
Hanami foods / 花見の食べ物


Not only were the many food booths, but there was a haunted house (which we didn't go in), a motorcycle circus and little souvenir booths as well.

Our first shrine visit was to one that is located in the park itself.  Aomori Prefecture Gokokuji.
Hand purifying basin / 手水舎
Hondo / 本堂
Gokoku Jinja Seal / 護国神社の御朱印
Hirosaki Castle / 弘前城

And then it was onto our next destination - Choshoji and its other 33 affiliate temples.
そして次の目的地 ー 長勝寺だ。長勝寺に他33社も立ち並んでる場所があります。

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