Sunday, April 26, 2015

Temple Shrine Walkabout in Tokyo (Part 2) / 東京お寺・神社巡りの散歩 (パート2)

Continuing our Tokyo Shrine and Temple pilgrimage, the next place we went to was Yasukuni Shrine. 


It is a long walk from Kudanshita station to Yasukuni Shrine.  This is the first torii that you walk through.

The second torii and we are still not at the main temple.


Getting closer!


The hand purification area at Yasukuni Shrine is very large.


Main Temple / 本堂
The Yasukuni Shrine seal completes my second Temple Seal book. 

The Yushukan War Memorial Museum is also located on the grounds of Yasukuni Shrine.  There are a few other memorials and monuments near the museum as well.  We walked around there and also decided to have dessert at the cafe inside the museum.  On the first floor there is also a Mitsubishi Zero, a Steam Locomotive, and a couple of cannons on display.  The first floor is free and pictures are allowed.  We did not go to the main part of the museum (you would need a good two hours or more to really enjoy it.)
Mitsubishi Zero / 三菱ゼロ

And now it was time for dessert.
On the left is my wife's dessert - oshiruko.  I ordered myself the cream shiratama anmitsu.  Mikako's friend only ordered a drink.

After our dessert break we headed to Togo Shrine in Harajuku.  Since my wife and I went there with other friends the other week, so I didn't take any pictures there either.   And we still had time to go to Meiji Jingu as well.  In all, we went to six shrines.  I received three new temple seals while my wife's friend received five.  We parted ways with my wife's friend afterwards as she was taking a bus back to Yamanashi Prefecture from Shinjuku.  It was a full day and felt really great to go home and relax before the start of another full week.
デザートを食べ終わったらお寺・神社巡りが続きました。靖国神社から原宿にある東御神社。僕と妻はつい最近東御神社に行ったから写真はあんまり撮りませんでした。まだ時間がありましたので明治神宮も行きました。合計で6社に巡りました。自分は新し御朱印3をゲット。妻の友達が6っ箇所のうち5の御朱印を集めた。 その後、彼女と別れ私たちは帰ってリラックスしました。楽しい一日でした。そして結構歩いたな!

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