Sunday, April 26, 2015

Temple Shrine Walkabout in Tokyo (Part 1) / 東京お寺・神社巡りの散歩 (パート1)

Last Sunday, my wife's friend came to visit us from Yamanashi Prefecture.  Our plan was to check out some of the larger temples and shrines in Tokyo as her friend also started collecting temple seals.   However, the first shrine we would go to was Karasumori Jinja in Shinbashi.  The temple seal from Karasumori Jinja is quite colorful compared to most other temples and shrines.  We would be meeting my wife's friend a little before 10am in Shinjuku.  And there is one other something I wanted to check out in Shinjuku.  The big lizard-like monster, Godzilla at the newly opened Toho Cinemas.


I see a monster on top of building!


Why Godzilla's tail is near the station may be a mystery.


Next stop - Karasumori JInja in Shinbashi.

次の目的地 ー 新橋にある烏森神社。

I heard in the news, the popular Steam Locomotive plaza, a major meeting spot for salarymen,  is going to be renovated and this SL may have to find a new home.
This shrine has an unusual torii at the entrance.
I was not familiar with Karasumori Jinja but this was the first place my wife's friend wanted to go to.  The temple seal from here is a bit different from most places as it's quite colorful.
The temple seal from Karasumori Jinja.  Beautiful and colorful.  You also receive a mamori and good luck candy.

Before heading to our next destination we decided to have lunch at Coredo Muramachi near Ginza.  We chose a popular ramen chain [Setaga-ya].  Although the main shop is located not too far from our apartment, my wife and I had yet to go so we were looking forward to our ramen.

Tonkotsu Ramen Oreshiki [Setaga-ya] / とんこつらーめん俺式「せたが屋」

We all ordered the No.1 selling tonkotsu ramen.  And yes, it was delicious.
私たちが注文したのは人気No.1の豚骨らーめん。 本当に美味しかった。
Before heading out to our next main destination - Kanda Myojin, we checked out the recently built shrine in the Coredo Muromachi Shopping area Fukutoku Jinja, also made popular by a television commercial featuring Yu Aoi.  It would be an hour wait to receive the temple seal from this shrine so we didn't bother.


Ginza is also home to many Prefectural Satellite shops.  My wife and I have been to them many times but it was a first for my wife's friend.  We dropped in at the Nara and Shimane Prefecture Satellite Shops.  At the front of the Nara Satellite shop you are greeted by Nara's mascot Sento-kun.

Sento-kun / せんと君
The entrance to Kanda Myojin.  As I have featured this shrine in a previous I am only posting a few pictures.  I wanted to go here again because I had yet to receive my temple seal from this place.

Hondo / 本堂

 Temple Seal from Kanda Myojin / 神田明神の御朱印
To be continued...

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