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Japanese Black Wagyu Burger Shop [Blacows ] and a Walk Afterwards / 黒毛和牛バーガー 「ブラッカウズ」と食べた後の散歩


A couple of weeks or so ago one of my Facebook friends posted a link to Tokyo's Top 6 Burger Shops as chosen by burger maniacs.  As I looked over the list, I saw that I had been to 5 of the 6 places listed.  The only one I haven't been to yet was a burger shop in Ebisu called [Blacows].  It was then that I decided where I was going to have lunch the following weekend.  My friend who posted the link was going to join me.  We may have gotten there a little after 12pm, but as you can see, there was already a long line.  Usually my friend and I don't like waiting in extremely long lines but we made an exception today.  It would be a 40 minute wait before we would be seated at a table inside.
記事のタイトルが[これが食べればハズレなし!マニアがお勧めする都内「絶品ハンバーガー」6選。] 読んだあとは即急決まり。来週のランチは黒毛和牛バーガー「ブラッカウズ」に行く。リンクをアップされた友達も一緒に行く。行列に並ぶのはあんまり好きじゃないけど、今日はちょっと我慢して、並びました。席に案内されたのは40分後。
Looks like they make deliveries too!
Why is this burger shop so popular.  All you have to do is read the menu pictured above.  The burger featured is the Bacon Avocado Cheeseburger.  Anyway, what puts this burger shop above the rest is the ingredients they use.  The shop uses 100% Japanese black wagyu patties selected by Yazawa Meat, Inc. and buns by Maison Kaiser.  And the other, just enlarge the photo and read for yourself!
このバーガー店の人気の秘密。ま、秘密ではないと思うが、使用されてるミートパティはヤザワミートが選んだ100%黒毛和牛とバンズもあの有名な「Maison Kaiser」のコラボでつからた。詳しくは上記の写真を大きして読んでみて。
The shop is quite organized as well.  We were handed the menu while a few more feet away from the entrance.  So once we were seated, we would have already have decided on our orders.  I decided on the Avocado Cheeseburger (as I had a bacon cheeseburger last week at [Golden Brown]).  My friend was intrigued by the Meat Sauce Cheeseburger.  (A lot of my American friends would call it a Sloppy Joe).  We also decided that we would share a side dish of "grilled cheese tortilla chips with chili meat, tomato salsa, and avocado dip".  I can only assume they are not familiar with the term "nachos"!
この店は行列に慣れてますね。まだ並んでる間にメニューを渡され、席に着いたらすぐ注文する。僕が注文するのはアボカドチーズバーガー(先週は中目黒のバーガー屋Golden Brownでベーコンチーズバーガー食べたので、やっぱ今回はアボカドだ)。友達がメニューに気になったバーガーがミートソースチーズバーガー。アメリカ人ならこれは゛スロッピージョー”のいうものだよ。サイドメニューにトルティーヤチップスのチーズ焼きもあったので、二人でシェアすることにした。これもね、アメリカなら゛ナチョス”というんだよ。
Our plate of nachos...oh, I mean grilled cheese tortilla chips.
My avocado cheeseburger.  The cheese they use is Colby Jack.  A mix of Colby and Monterrey Jack.
Very delicious!
Avocado Cheeseburger / アボカドチーズバーガー

My friend's order - the Meat Sauce Cheeseburger (you know...a Sloppy Joe). 
Meat Sauce Cheesebureger / ミートソースチーズバーガー
My friend was meeting someone else around 4pm so after eating lunch we decided to go on a random walk.  We would walk from Ebisu to Meguro and then to Shibuya.  You never know what you will come across on these random walks.
The first place we stopped at was an American Comic Book shop.  Iron Man greets you at the entrance.


Iron Man / アイアンマン
We were going to check out a Photography Museum near Ebisu Garden Place but when we got there we discovered the building was closed and under construction and wouldn't be open to the spring of next year! So, we decided to walk towards Shibuya using some of the backroads.
A very small but cute little shrine - Ebisu Jinja.  I did not bother asking for a temple seal from here.
小さな神社発見 ー 恵比寿神社。 この神社の御朱印を貰おうとは思ってなかった。

Temizuya / 手水舎

This looks like an interesting bar.  The Ebisu Dagashiya Bar.  I love the Showa era look to the building. 
We had walked for a good hour or two and decided to stop somewhere for a beer.  There was a place I wanted to check out in Shibuya that specializes in craft beer and that is where we went next.  It was a place called [Goodbeer Faucets].
一時間以上散歩して、そろそろどっかでビール一杯でも飲もうという話になって、僕が前から気になったクラフトビールの専門店「Goodbeer Faucets」に行ってきました。
Beer break at Goodbeer Faucets in Shibuya. I had the Stone Smoked Porter from California while my friend Tetsu had a GBF Gyaru Blond from Kanagawa Prefecture.

休憩タイムのビール。僕が飲んだのはアメリカカリフォルニア州のストーン・スモーク・ポーター(黒の奴)。友達が神奈川県の地ビールGBF ギャルブロンド。

After our beer break, my parted ways and I decided to walk from Shibuya to home.  Along the way I stopped at Meguro Hikawa Jinja (but it looks like I deleted the pictures).  I can always go there another time.  Tomorrow, my wife's friend will be visiting us from Yamanashi Prefecture and she has also started collecting temple seals.  So, we will check out some major temples and shrines with her tomorrow. 


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