Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Walk around Kagurazaka / 神楽坂の散歩

After eating delicious burgers at Martini Burger, my friends and I decided to walk around Kagurazaka before finding a place to study.  The first place we stopped off at was Akagi Shrine.


Chozuya (water cleansing area) / 手水舎

Hondo / 本堂
Funky looking komainu / ちょっと変わった形の狛犬
Prayer boards / 絵馬
The small shrine to the left with this long driveway is to get your car blessed!  Really!

And then we went to a different shrine.  This one amongst the shops and restaurants along the main road through Kagurazaka.  Zenkokuji, also known as Bishamonten-sama which is one of Seven Lucky Gods of Fortune.
But what Kagurazaka is really known for is its maze of small alleyways.  The area is very beautiful, full of high end kaiseki restaurants and other more reasonably priced establishments as well.  It's like a little piece of Kyoto right in the middle of the big Metropolis with quaint names like Kakurenbo Yokocho and Hyogo Yokocho.
Walking the backstreets of Kagurazaka.
As we were walking, we were also looking for a nice cafe or coffee shop where we could relax and hold our English conservation class. 

We discovered this little coffee shop.  However, it isn't your typical coffee shop or cafe.  It was called The Times Cafe.  Its like a little library without the books.  You don't pay for your meal.  You pay by the time you spent in the cafe.  Similar to the manga cafes.  Wifi available, drinks for free, computers you can borrow.  And so we had our little class for about an hour or two.  Until the next time!

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