Thursday, April 9, 2015

English Conversation and Burgers at Martini Burger / バーガー屋のマーティニバーガーで英会話

Another month and another burger shop.  This month (actually the end of February), it was time for some English conversation with my friends Ryoko and Yukie.  This month it was Yukie who chose the burger shop.  This place was listed on an article on Time Out Tokyo of the top burger shops.  It is located in the ritzy neighborhood of Kagurazaka and is run by a New Yorker who has been in Japan for four years now.
今月(本当は2月)で新たなバーガー屋で友達二人に軽い英会話教室。今回この店を選んだのは友達のゆきえ。TimeOut Tokyoの記事で発見したらし。店の名前は「マーティニバーガー」。場所もお洒落の町神楽坂。 オーナーはニューヨーク出身のアメリカ人。日本でまだ4年しか立てないのに、この店が話題になってます。
As you can see from the decor, this does not seem like a burger shop, but I assure you it is.
Which burger to choose?
And this is the burger I chose - the Matenro!  The meat patty (which is buried under all those goodies) is topped with sauteed red onions, bacon, chili, mushroom, avocado, cheddar and Gouda cheese!  A little on the expensive side at ¥2,000 but oh, so good!
僕が選んだバーガーは摩天楼(まてんろう)というものでした。 パティが見えない位具が沢山。タマネギ、ベーコン、チリ、マッシュルーム、アボカド、チェダーチーズとゴーダチーズがトッピングさます。

My friend Ryoko chose the No.1 seller - the Mushroom Burger which is served with mushrooms, Gouda cheese and a butter herb sauce.
Yukie ordered the No.2 selling - Little Italy.  This burger is topped with Mozzarella cheese and served with spicy ketchup and a basil sauce.  And by the way, that ketchup was really spicy!
My favorite (and only students) with their burgers.

Yes, those burgers are pretty large.
To be honest though, we did not hold our English conversation class here.  After eating lunch, we walked around Kagurazaka before finding a nice little cafe to study, but that will be for the next post.
正直に言いますが、英会話はこの店でやりませんでした。結構人気で混んでる店なので、勉強する落ち着きはありません。 ランチを食べた後は、神楽坂で散歩して、時間性のカフェを発見し、そこのカフェで勉強開始。神楽坂の散歩の話はまた今度。



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