Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kyushu Festival at Yoyogi Park 2014 / 来て見て食べて感動!九州観光・物産フェア 2014

A couple of weeks after the Hokkaido Festival, we once again found ourselves at Yoyogi Park.  This time the weather was on our side and we hung out with our friends the Suganumata Family.  We were here for the Kyushu Festival.


It wasn't that crowded and we already made our own space away from the these tables.
What to eat at this festival?
What might this soup and these skewers be?


Crab Fishcake Skewer / かにかま
Mizutaki / 水炊き
Shochu / 焼酎
Tonkotsu Ajitsuke tamago chashu-men / 豚骨味付け玉子叉焼麺
Negiyaki / ねぎ焼き
Motsuni (tripe soup) / もつ煮
Rice bowl with salmon and pollack roe and takana / 高菜・いくら・明太子丼
Okay, what is so Kyushu about western style barbecue?  I don't know but I couldn't pass it up.  Real Texas barbecue in Tokyo!
アメリカのバービキューのどこが九州物産なの? それはどうでも良い、本物のテキサスバービキューが東京で食べられるなんて!

Served with potato chips too!  So American.  Steak and bacon.
Sweet potato sticks / 大学芋スティック
Fukuoka Prefecture craft beers from K's Brewing Company.  On the left is Cabos and Honey.  On the right is Amaou Oatmeal Black.

Kumamoto Prefecture's popular mascot Kumamon did a little dance number on stage.
And back to more food with some steamed oysters.

No more oysters.

Father and daughter relaxing after eating all that food.
And so another day was spent eating and drinking and just having a good time.  Until the next food festival.

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