Sunday, March 8, 2015

Taishido Autumn Festival 2014 / 太子堂秋祭り 2014

Every year around autumn, we have a local festival - the Taishido Autumn Festival.  The one we always go to is held at the Taishido Hachimangu Shrine.  If you've been to a Japanese summer festival or almost any festival for that matter, you will know there will be lots of food stalls, perhaps a mikoshi (portable shrine) parade and lots and lots of people.  So we spent this particular day just walking around our neighborhood.


When Mikako and I got married, one of the apartments we looked at was located right across the street from this shrine.  We've passed by it many times but this was the first time that I saw it was actually open to the public.



On the same day as the Taishido Autumn Festival, there was also a small wine festival happening near the station.  They were actually serving wine for free too!


This chicken specialty shop was doing brisk business today.


This fish shop was doing a tuna cutting show and giving out some free maguro.  You be we went here too.

The following pictures are the various food stalls set up along the street in the Taishido neighborhood.


Takoyaki Booth / たこ焼き屋台
Banana chocolate booth / バナナチョコ屋台
Okonomiyaki booth / お好み焼き屋台
Taishido Hachimangu / 太子堂八幡宮
Taiko drums / 太鼓
More food stalls, this was was the Taiwan Food Booth selling stir-fried noodles.

Turkish doner kebabs have become a popular staple at Japanese festivals.

Enjoying myself a Turkish doner kebab.


Back in Sangejaya, we saw Akemi Ishii (former idol) rehearsing for an afternoon performance.

A great time is always had at festivals.

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