Monday, February 9, 2015

Hokkaido Festival in Yoyogi Park 2014 / 北海道フェアin代々木 2014

I've been falling behind on my food festival posts so lets back up to October.  What do you do when the weather calls for a typhoon?  You go to Yoyogi Park for the Hokkaido Fair! 

食べ物フェスのネタが段々たまりましたので、ちょっと去年の10月までにタイムスリップ。この日の天気は。。。台風です! そんなに日になりするの。出かけて代々木公園で開催してる北海道フェスに行く!

Not a lot of people out walking when everyone knows a typhoon is coming.  We weren't even sure if the festival was cancelled or not.  If its cancelled, we had alternative plans in the works.  We were meeting our friend Reiko here as well as since Yukio had to take some test at Aoyama University.


The sign is up.  Could it be possible that they have not cancelled the festival?


And because it isn't crowded we had no problem finding a seat.


The hard rain was yet to come.


The first order of business - Sapporo Beer!

最初にすることはもちろんビールでしょ! 北海道フェアなので、サッポロビール!


Alright, time to go purchase some Hokkaido cuisine.  We started off with an assortment of grilled seafood.


Genghis Khan from popular Lamb cuisine restaurant [Matsuo].


Spiral sausage / うずまきソーセージ
I love meat!

Crab Miso with Crab Meat / 蟹味噌 (蟹入り)
Fried Soft Fish Roe (you know, fish sperm, it's a delicacy!) Actually I skipped on eating this.  I'm not a big fan of shirako.
白子の唐揚げ。 自分は食べませんでした。
Crab miso soup / 蟹汁

Time for more beer.  A taste testing sample of one of Hokkaido's craft beer.  There was a stout, a lager, a weizen, and that green one!
One of these croquettes was filled with scallops. 
It was too cold to hang out here so after these snacks we went to the Bunkamura Museum to check out the Trick Art exhibition.  Our friend Yukio was going to join us around 4 or 5pm so we planned on having dinner at a place called the Shibuya Niku Yokocho whichi translates to something like "Shibuya Meat Alley!

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