Sunday, February 8, 2015

Atami Hot Spring Weekend (Final) Numazu and the Deep Sea Aquarium / 熱海温泉旅行 (最終)酪農王国 沼津と深海業水族館

And now for the final post on our weekend trip to Atami.  The other main exhibition of the Numazu Deepsea Museum, the Coelacanth!  Not a live one, but they do have one on display.


The Coelacanth / シーラカンス
Oh, and I forgot about these guys.






And then we went and had sushi for lunch.

Negi Toro / ネギトロ
Toro Avocado / トロアボカド
Walking around the Numazu Fish Market.
A nice view of Mt Fuji.
The Numazu Burger shop had an interesting menu (even though we decided to go out for sushi).  Maybe the next time we're in Numazu, I will get to try one of their burgers.  Like the deep sea fish burger.

After lunch, it was time to head back to Tokyo.  We made a short stop at one of the service areas and bought a snack or two.

And so concludes our Atami Hot Spring Weekend.

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