Saturday, February 7, 2015

Atami Hot Spring Weekend (Part 7) Numazu and the Deep Sea Aquarium / 熱海温泉旅行 (パート7)酪農王国 沼津と深海業水族館

And now for it really is off to Numazu to check out the Deep Sea Aquarium and to have lunch.


I decided to try the Wind Valley Beer Red Ale as we headed towards Numazu.  It was quite good by the way.


And Mt. Fuji in the distance.


And here we are at the Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium.


Gotta take a couple of touristy photos.


The following pictures are of the various deep sea creatures.


Striped Shrimpfish or Razerfish / ヘコアユ (沖縄の方言でキーヌハーイュ)
Southern Japanese Mudskipper / トビハゼ (方言でトントンミー)
Longhorn Cowfish / コンゴウフグ
No horns on the critters I took a picture of but this sign shows what they look like when the grow.
There's a fish in there somewhere.  A little out of focus but behind the rock.  It is called a pipefish.
Longnose Hawkfish / クダゴンベ
Japanese Spider Crab / タカアシガニ
Sanada Mizuhiki Crab / サナダミズヒキガニ
Red Batfish / アカグツ
 Eschmeyer's Scorpionfish / ホウセキカサゴ
Giant Isopod / ダイオウグソクムシ
I don't know why but this critter was the one Mikako was looking forward to seeing the most.

Imperator Squid / ユウレイイカ
Hm, not sure where the fish is hiding in this tank.  Somewhere in there is a shaved head sculpin.
Okay, so not all of the fish displayed are alive.  This is a Silver Chimaera.
全ての深海魚は生きたまま展示されてるわけではございません。 これはギンザメです。
Indian Ocean Lobsterette / オキナエビ
Indian Bait Prawn (very tiny) / イソスジエビ (超ちっちゃい)
Some kind of jellyfish. 

Some type of skeleton fish.  Cool looking critters.
透明な魚だ。 不思議だね。
Sea Scorpion.  I don't know if this was a model or not but I sure would hate to meet that in the ocean.
The other main attraction of this museum is the coelacanth, but I will save that for the final post on the Atami Hot Spring Weekend series.
あとこの水族館の主役はやっぱりシーラカンスですね。 それは「熱海温泉旅行」シリーズの最終ネタで書きます。

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