Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ramen Shop [Naokyu] / 麺処直久

A couple of months ago, and a week after having an informal English conversation class in Ningyocho at [Brozers'], a ramen shop caught my eye.  So the following week, Mikako and I headed out to Ningyocho just to eat ramen at the Ramen Shop called [Naokyu].  It was our Sunday date day.  After lunch we would head to Nihonbashi to a new shopping complex that opened there called Coredo (but that will be another post).


But first, the ramen.  Mikako had ordered the ramen shop's specialty - Jun Tori Shoyu Ramen.  I decided to order what caught my eye in the first place.  The Nikumori Kara Tsukemen.  Alrighty, to make it simple, Mikako's ramen was a chicken ramen with a soy sauce based broth, while mine was a meat-filled dipping ramen with a spicy broth.


Jun Tori Ramen / 純鶏ラーメン
Niku Mori Kara Tsuke-men / 肉盛辛つけ麺
Gyoza is a stable side dish to ramen!
The interior of the ramen shop.  This is apparently a chain store with branches throughout Tokyo.  I didn't bother checking out where the other places are though.
After lunch, it was off to Nihonbashi and COREDO.

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