Sunday, December 7, 2014

English Conversation and Burgers at Grill Burger Club [SASA] / バーガー屋のSASAで英会話

This weekend it was time once again for my monthly very informal English conversation class with a couple of my friends.  It has been one year.  But it appears my students do not use English outside of this class much.  Still, we continue.  And for the last few lessons, we always pick a gourmet burger shop.  This month we decide to have our class at the Grill Burger Club [SASA] in Daikanyama.  Our plan was to go to Tsutaya after class and pick up a new text (since the last one we used we had already completed). 
The burger shop is located very near Daikanyama station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line.  Once you exit the East Exit, there is a sign pointing the way to the place.  Its only a two minute walk.  Not only do they serve burgers (using 100% domestic beef), but they also have sandwiches and hotdogs on the menu as well as a limited edition monthly burger.
Why, yes we do!
You can also choose the size of your burger from Small, Regular, and Large.  Of course prices differ. All three of us chose the regular size.
この店でバーガーのサイズも選べます。もちろん値段が変わりますよ。S, RとLから選べます。私たちはRのレギュラーを選びました。
This month's monthly burger was a Bacon Mushroom Chowder Burger.  It sounded interesting and the picture of it on the menu was appetizing but I chose the Avocado, Gouda Cheese, Olive Burger.  My friend Ryoko ordered the Avocado Cheeseburger, while our friend Yukie ordered the Grilled Mushroom Burger. Fries and a pickle is served with the burger.
Avocado Gouda Cheese Olive Burger / アボカド・ゴーダチーズ・オリーブバーガー

Avocado Cheeseburger / アボカドチーズバーガー

Grilled Mushroom Burger / グリール・マッシュルームバーガー
There is one other burger listed on the menu that we found interesting.  The Birthday Burger!  Instead of a birthday cake, you can order this really gargantuan burger for someone's birthday (or even your own).  It's a bit pricey but it can feed at least 4-6 people.  Just check out the picture below.

Bon Appetit!
After class we did go to the Tsutaya in Daikanyama but couldn't find a text to fit our needs.  We decided to walk to Nakameguro and check out a bookstore there.  On our way, we stopped by a small cheesecake shop (take-out only) and had a snack out in the cold along the Meguro River.
Blueberry Cheesecake / ブルーベリーチーズケーキ
Ryoko and Yukie also couldn't pass up a going into a small boutique and did a bit of shopping.  It was a cute little shop and a lot of there products were on sale.
At 5pm (which was nearing soon), the illumination along the Meguro River would light up.  It was still 20 minutes before 5pm so we stopped in a little shop that was serving hot wine.

Ryoko skipped the hot wine and settled for sparkling wine instead.
Yukie and I enjoying our hot wine.
Little Christmas Tree in front of the shop where we had our hot wine.
5pm and the illumination is lit.  Even in this cold, there was huge crowd.

And then it was time for me to head home. 


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