Friday, December 5, 2014

A Walk around Nishi Arai Daishi (Part 2) / 西新井大師の散歩 (パート2)

Our continuing walk around the temple grounds of Nishi Arai Daishi.  By the way, I neglected to mention this in my previous post but Nishi Arai Daishi is the commonly known name of this temple.  Its official name is Sojiji Temple.


Shuse Inari / 出世稲荷
What's this?  A miniature Atago Shrine?  The Atago Shrine is known for it's stairs to success.  Shuse means advancement.  Climbing up the corporate ladder.  Getting promoted.  Succeeding. 
なになに?ここでも愛宕神社みたいに出世を祈ることが出来るって? 頑張ります!

I see a lot of little foxes.
Fudo-do / 不動堂
 Kobo Daishi / 弘法大師立像
As Kobo Daishi is also known as the patron saint of pilgrims, you will find straw sandals near his statue.

 Kajimizu / 加持水
Mizuko Jizo / 水子地蔵
This is probably not something you would find in the US as the statues commemorate the loss of a child's life through miscarriages or abortion or stillbirths.
Sanso-do / 三匝堂
There aren't as many Daruma shops here as there are at Kawasaki Daishi but they still make for great photos.
Another temple seal to add to my collection.
Collage shot made by Mikako.
Clockwise from top right: Mikako on a bridge at the garden at Nishi Arai Daishi.  Having myself an Ichiban Shibori Frozen Beer.  Receiving a blessing from a Buddhist priest.  And drinking that beer below the Tokyo Sky Tree.
Nishi Arai Daishi / 西新井大師
I remember when there used to be ticket takers who would punch your ticket at these stations.  Now that most of the ticket machines are automated, its a sight you no longer see.

We were going to have lunch near the temple but there wasn't a restaurant that perked our interest so we headed back to Nishi Arai.  There wasn't anything around that station either so we decided to head towards the Tokyo Sky Tree and had lunch at the food court in Solamachi. 

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