Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Walk around Nishi Arai Daishi (Part 1) / 西新井大師の散歩 (パート1)

A few weeks ago on a Sunday, my wife and I decided to go for a walk in a neighborhood we have never been to.  We hopped on the train and headed out to Nishi Arai Daishi.  I had thought it was near the Tokyo Sky Tree but was still another half-hour from there.  It was our date day and it was just too nice out to sit around at home.


To get to Nishi Arai Daishi, you take this train.  It only has one stop!


Entrance to the temple / 参道
Senbei shop / せんべいの店
So many different rice crackers to choose from.

Bean shop / 豆の店
We took part in a blind test of beer and Nihon shu.  We received a small gift just for participating.
お参りするまえに商店街で利き酒に参加しました。 参加するだけでお土産貰いました。
First, could we tell the difference between four major beers - Sapporo, Asahi, Kirin, and Suntory?
Guess what?  I didn't get a single one right!  Mikako got two right.
最初はビール。ビールの場合はアサヒ、サッポル、キリンとサントリーの利き酒。自分が全部外れた!! 美香子が4種類中2を正解した。
Next was Nihon-shu.  Well, I did get one right this time.  Mikako had got them all right though.
Goodies we received just for participating.  One bag per person too! This was my bag.  The Hello Kitty water was the same but Mikako had different flavor chips and a different instant ramen.
Sanmon Gate / 三門
I gave alms and received a blessing from the Buddhist Priest standing under the gate.  The last thing he said after the blessing was "Have a nice day" in English. (^v^)

Shio Jizo / 塩地蔵
I read the sign but didn't quite understand it.  It has something to do with merit and receiving more back of you toss salt at the Jizo.  Check below for the explanation in Japanese.

Rokkaku Kannon-do / 六角観音堂

Hand Purification Basin / 手水舎
Check out these guys holding up the basin.
I guess this guy has been holding up the basin for so long he's lost his head!
Mizu Arai Jizo / 水洗い地蔵

We are nearing the Hondo (Main Temple).

Dai Hon-do / 大本堂
Wandering around the temple grounds.
Chigodaishi-zo / 稚児大師像
Statue of a young Daishi.

13 Story Pagoda / 十三重宝塔

Koi / 鯉
Gogen-do / 権現堂
Dragon detail / 龍
Nyorin-do / 如意輪堂
Okuno-In / 奥の院
There is still more to see at this temple, so our adventure walk will continue...


Rurousha said...

1) Nooo! Sky Tree is far away! Though you can walk between the tower and the temple. (Yup, done that.)

2) I know that Jizō! If you have warts, he can help you: take a pinch of salt from the statue, rub it on your warts and there you go. ;)

Tokyo Ern said...

He he, I thought of your blog when I saw the Shio Jizo!