Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Walk around Baji Koen (Equestrian Park) / 馬事公苑の散歩

It was Sunday date day with the wife.  We were planning on having lunch at Kura Sushi near Baji Koen (the Equestrian Park) but discovered that it would be an hour and a half wait for a table.  We decided to eat elsewhere.  But since we were in the neighborhood, we decided to take a walk around Baji Koen (Equestrian Park). 


But first we went to the Biorium which is run by the Research Institute of Evolutionary Biology and located in the same building as the Tokyo University of Agriculture Museum where they house a bunch of lemurs and plants from Madagascar.
Japan's "Big Bird"?
Chicken of Naressuan the Great (Thailand) / んレースワン大王鶏
Shell of a Tridacna (Giant Clam) / ジャコガイ
Turtle / 亀
Lemurs / キツネザル
Chameleon / カメレオン
Another lizard / ほかのトカゲ
Cacti / サボテン
And now to continue our walk at the Equestrian Park.  Do you see Mikako hiding?
I stumbled upon a sad looking panda.
An otter in the park too!
Even if we didn't see any equestrian events today, it is still a nice park to take a walk in.  The autumn colors looked beautiful as well.
Autumn colors / 紅葉
Mikako waiting for a horse carriage at a small station.
馬車の駅です。 美女が馬車を待ってる。

All I'm missing is a beer.

And then we walked back home from the Equestrian Park, another nice 20 to 30 minute walk and called it a day.

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