Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Walk around Ningyocho and Nihonbashi / 人形町から日本橋の散歩

After having lunch at the ramen shop in Ningyocho, we decided to walk to Nihonbashi to check out the new shopping complex called Coredo. 


Here is a rapidly disppearing sight from the streets of Tokyo.  Vending machines selling beer and spirits.  You can still find them in front of sake shops though.

Walking past a sake shop.


A stylish display of plastic foods in front of a Chinese restaurant. 


We all know the saying "All Roads Lead to Rome" but in Japan, "All Roads Lead from Nihonbashi"!


Nihonbashi / 日本橋
We saw a crowd gathered on Nihonbashi and decided to check out what all the fuss was about.  The road was closed to traffic and there were police everywhere.  Could it be some kind of crime scene?  The closer we checked, it appears the police deparment was sponsoring some type of event and had a couple of patrol cars and police bikes on display. 
And people were allowed to sit in the police car (in the driver's seat!)
This police car was was made by the Toy company Tomica.  Unforunately, you couldn't sit in this one.  But still, very cool.

A Sumida River cruise also starts from Nihonbashi.  We debated about taking the cruise but decided not to.  Perhaps another time.

The Mitsukoshi Building in Nihonbashi.  We did go to Coredo but there wasn't anything to take pictures of (and we already had lunch), so after wandering around here for a little while, we had some ice cream and then went home.

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