Saturday, January 17, 2015

Atami Hot Spring Weekend (Part 1) Carrot Tower and Sengakuji / 熱海温泉旅行 (パート1)キャロットタワーと泉岳寺

First and foremost, a belated Happy New Year!!  Yes I know.  Its already two weeks into the new year and I haven't posted anything.  As we had no plans for the holidays and my wife would be working the entire time, we, along with a couple of friends went on an overnight trip to a hot spring in Atami at the end of December.  We would be leaving by car but it would be until after 5pm when Mikako gets off work.  As always, we would be going with our friends Yukio and Reiko.  Yukio would be driving but he was also busy during the day.  So Reiko planned to meet me in Sangenjaya for lunch and would wing it until 5pm.  Reiko would be meeting me at the Carrot Tower.  We will then start our adventure by going to the observation floor and have a beer!

お待てせ致しまた。 最初にゆうべきことはあけましておめでとうございます!!今年もよろしくお願い致します。はいはい、分かってますよ。新年がもう2週間以上になってること。正月休み、妻はずーと仕事。自分は家で映画三昧を観る予定。そういうことで、12月下旬の週末、友達の幸男と玲子に熱海温泉旅行を実行。土曜日出発予定。妻はその日5時まで仕事。幸男も昼頃も用事があったそうで、玲子は昼に三軒茶屋に来て、私たち二人でランチを食べることに。その後は適当の行動をする。玲ちゃんはキャロットタワーで会う約束。展望フロアに行って、最初の旅ビールを!

Me and Reiko at the top floor of the Carrot Tower having our pre-travel beer!


Beer with a view!

View from Carrot Tower.


I can see my apartment from here.  You can see the Setagaya line as well.


Some cheese and crackers to go with our beers.


And then it was off to lunch.  Reiko wanted to go this jajamen specialty shop that we had been to on a recent occasion. 


Jaja Oiken / じゃじゃおいけん

Jajamen / ジャージャー麺
The thing about this shop is that after you eat the noodles, you can the order something called Chitantan.  A little hard to explain but if you come to Tokyo, I can take you there.

Chitantan / チータンタン
We still had plenty of time until 5pm so I suggested heading to Sengakuji where the original 47 Ronin are buried.  Yes, I have written about the temple before but Reiko has never been there.
まだ時間があったので、泉岳寺に行くことにした。以前も泉岳寺の散歩で紹介しましたが、玲ちゃんが行ったことない。 その寺に47の浪人が眠ってます。
Entrance to Sengakuji (Naka Mon) / 泉岳寺の入口 (中門)

Yamamon / 山門
Statue of Oishi Kuranosuke / 大石内蔵助
Hondo (Main Temple) / 本堂
Statue of Kodo Sawaki / 沢木興道老師像
Temple Bell / 鐘楼堂
The well where the head of the man who insulted the ronins master was washed.

And now, we will go check out the graves of the 47 ronin.



And another temple seal for my collection.
Now we must head back to Sangenjaya.

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