Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tokyo University of Agriculture's 123rd annual Harvest Festival / 東京農業大学 第123収穫祭

Its that time of year again.  My wife and I have been going to Tokyo University of Agriculture's Harvest Festival every since we've been married.  Unlike other universities that have their gakuen-sai (University Festival), Tokyo University of Agriculture (Nodai for short) has a Harvest Festival.  As with the food festivals held at Yoyogi Park, this event has become popular and seems to get even more crowded every year as well.  Still, that doesn't stop us from going.


At least there seems to be more space to relax and eat.  We went to the university grounds around noon so a lot of the popular food booths had extremely long lines. 


Very crowded!


The first food booth we lined up for was something called gojiru, a miso broth filled with fresh vegetables.

Gojiru / 呉汁
The second food booth.  Fried octopus balls.
This year this was all we ate at the Harvest Festival.  There didn't seem to be as many foreign students as previous years and there wasn't really interesting food items at the other booths.  But we already knew there was another festival going on nearby.  After walking around a bit more, we headed over to Setagaya to check out the raku ichi raku za (which is part flea market, part farmer's market, and part street fair all rolled into one).
But before we left the university grounds, we checked out the portable shrines made by students.

And we checked out some of the livestock on display. 
And now it was off to Setagaya for the Raku Ichi Raku Za.

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