Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Setagaya Raku Ichi Raku Za / 世田谷 楽市楽座

Leaving Tokyo University of Agriculture's Harvest Festival, we walked our way to Setagaya station where a different event was taking place.  The raku ichi raku za (this can be described as part flea market, part food festival, and part street fair all rolled into one).  As you can see, it was as crowded as the University and they actually had more food items I wanted to eat.

東京農業大学を去り、世田谷液まで歩いた。そこにまた別のイベント開催中。楽市楽座。 近所の祭りなので、農大より混んでません。こちで自分が食べたい物もがもっとあった。

I was actually looking for some of these at the Harvest Festival.  An Okinawan snack called sata andagi (which are sweet deep fried buns) similar to doughnuts.  Mikako remembered that these were sold at this event.  And only 100 yen for one!


Checking out the different booths.


One booth run by a couple of Indians and selling Indian food also had two large coolers of beers from around the world.  One of the guys mentioned that they had "Troper".  I had never heard of it.  But then he said something about Iron Maiden.  And then it hit me!  Ah, I think he means "Trooper".  And sure enough, at this local festival I found me a bottle of Iron Maiden's Trooper beer!


The empty bottle has now found a home next to my autographed print of Maiden's "X-Factor" which was given to me a the former manager of the former Tower Books in Singapore.


And of course we ordered some tandoori chicken skewers.


But these looked really good too and the smell was awesome.  Gai yang it was.  Thai styled grilled chicken.  It tasted awesome too.


I saw this at the same booth.  This looked really good so we bought some of this too.  Moroccan cous-cous.

After finishing my Trooper beer with some gai yang and cous-cous we were about to head home when Mikako decided to have some yakitori.


And with the Setagaya Line right nearby, going home was a breeze.  And so ended another fun-filled day.


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