Wednesday, November 5, 2014

English Conversation and Burgers at Fire House / バーガー屋のファイヤーハウスで英会話

Another month rolled around and it was time to hang out with a couple of my friends and try to teach them a bit of English.  We have been doing this every month since last December.  The last few times, I would pick a gourmet burger shop.  I told them our class doesn't have to be at a burger shop but they told me that they enjoyed the places I've picked.  This time around, I decided we would have our extremely informal class at Fire House in Hongo Sancho Me near Tokyo University.  Here we are waiting for a table as there was about a 30 minute wait.

毎月二人の友達を軽い英会話講座をやってます。去年の12月から始まりもうはや一年が経ちます。いつも僕がグルメバーがショップを選んで、二時間程度で英会話をやってます。バーガー屋にこどわってるわけじゃないけど、二人がこういう時にしかバーが屋が行かないから楽しいと言ってくれた。今回選んだばーガーショップは本郷三丁目にある「ファイヤー ハウス」。東京大学の近くにある。上記の写真はテーブルの30分待ちでした。

Waiting for a table as we stared out into the rain, while having a conversation in English.


Waiting for our table so we could eat delicious burgers.


It was a rainy day but since we would be inside a building it didn't matter to us that much.  I actually took this picture after we had finished eating.


I think this was the best table in the place.  Located at the back of the shop.  The menu is located on the bookshelf as well.  That sideways looking tie thing.


So many choices!


Just one page of the menu.  I decided on the Avocadion Burger (not to be confused with the Avocado Burger) as the Avocadion is topped with guacamole and not avocado.  My friend Ryoko chose the Mozzarella Mushroom Burger (that was what I ordered the first time I came here).  While our friend Yukie ordered the Applerella Burger.  This would be an apple burger (which is made with cooked apple) and topped with Mozzarella cheese.


Before our burgers came, we all shared some fried spice chips.


The Avocadion / アボカディオンバーガー

The Mozzarella Mushroom Burger / モッツァレラマッシュルームバーガー

The Applerella Burger / アップレラバーガー

What better way to learn English then sitting with a couple of beautiful friends while eating delicious burgers?


"I am going to eat you now!"


We still had room to share a plate of fried mozzarella.


Yukie seeing how the tie looks on her.


And so ended our class.  Afterwards we headed towards the Tokyo Dome to look for a book store to choose our next text that we would use (the current one was too simple and we had already gone through all the phrases introduced in it).  Next class will be at Grill Burger Club [Sasa] in Daikanyama.  This is close to the very large Tsutaya book shop so we should find a decent book there to use for future classes.


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