Thursday, October 23, 2014

Afuri / 阿夫利

I think its about time I wrote about another ramen shop.  This one opened in my neighborhood of Sangenjaya sometime last year and I finally got around to going there a few months ago.  The name of the shop is [Afuri].  This ramen shop has grown over the last few years and I imagine they will be opening more in the near future.  I decided to try something called the yuzu rata-men. 


Now, doesn't that look delicious?  A spicy sweet broth.  Medium size noodles.  Topped with charshu, poached egg, nori, onions, and some other stuff.  I think I will be going here again some time soon.

美味しそうでしょう? 甘辛のつゆうに、ちゃんと柚子の香りもする。トッピングが叉焼、味付け卵、海苔、など。麺も良い。また行くたくなるラーメン屋です。

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