Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thai Festival 2014 in Yoyogi Park / タイフェスin代々木公園 2014

Time to turn back the clock two months as I finally get around to writing about this year's Thai Festival held in Yoyogi Park.  I have been going to this festival ever since it's inception but as the year's pass, the popularity has grown so much that it has become one of the most popular and crowded festivals to be held at this park.  Knowing that, my friend Suga and I headed out to the park at 9am to establish a spot before the rest of our friends would show up.  Even Mikako elected to come later this year.  When festivals get this popular and crowded, it just doesn't have that same fun atmosphere.  I think I might skip the festival altogether next year.  My friends and I can get together at either the Laos Festival or Sri Lanka Festival which brings in a moderate crowd.  Anyway, now to get started!


First things first - Singha Beer to go with our Thai cuisine!


The one good thing about coming early is not having to stand in long lines and wait for ages to get your food.  My friend and I bought a few things that will go well with the beer we just bought.  We will eat, drink, and then wait for our friends to show up.  Since I can't remember the names of all the food we ate, I'm just going to post the pictures this year.


Gapao and Green Curry / ガパオとグリーンカレー

Tom Yam Ramen / トムヤムラーメン

Stir-fried morning glory / 空芯菜炒め

Phad thai / パットタイ

Short break from Singha as I have myself a Chang beer.


Our friends are starting to show up one by one.


This year if you buy a six-pack of Singha beer, you receive a free T-shirt.


Tetsu wearing his free T-shirt.


Back to more snacks.


A little dessert with mangosteen sorbet ice-cream.


More friends showing up.


The guy on the far right is Mr. Yamakawa who took me to the first Thai Festival which was actually held in October and sponsored by Thai Airlines.  That must have been more than ten years ago now.


This year's special guest - my friend Hide.  It's also been over ten years since I last saw him.


Rino with a blue tongue!

It really has been over 10 years since this trio drank together!


And one last service shot - campaign girl with tuk-tuks.


But the festivities didn't stop here.  Some of us went to another eating establishment and had a few more drinks with more food but I will save that for another time.


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