Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Walk around Togoshiginza Shotengai / 戸越銀座商店街の散歩

It's Sunday.  It's date day with my wife.  Today, we decided to go to Togoshiginza to check out Tokyo's longest shotengai (market street). 


Our first ride on the Tokyu Ikegami Line from Gotanda to Togoshiginza.


Togoshiginza Shotengai (Market Street) / 戸越銀座商店街
What's great about the shotengai is buying snacks and eating while walking and exploring.
Italian restaurant mascot I believe. / イタリアンレストランのマスコット?
"Face" bread / 顔ぱん
The first thing I snacked on at the shotengai was a piroshki.

Yum! / 美味しい!
I couldn't resist a couple of these as well - yaki shoronpo from a Chinese restaurant.

Very juicy and delicious / 中のスープ最高
 Anpanman vending machine / アンパンマンの自動販売機
A small Inari Jinja / 小さな稲荷神社
Togoshiginza's mascot / 戸越銀座のマスコット
Something you don't see everyday - a milk specialty store. 

 Service shot for my blogger friend Rurousha (a fan of VW Beetles).
This looks like a shop my brother wouldn't mind haning out at.  A plastic model shop.  I am so lousy at building them that I don't think I will ever buy another one.
And then it was time for lunch.  We chose a Chinese restaurant called [Hyaku Ban].  We both ordered the same dish too.  A Sichuan style mabodofu set which came with soup and salad and dessert (or you could choose a half-size bowl of ramen).

 Hyakuban / 百番
Mabodofu Set / 麻婆豆腐セット
I don't know what the name of the mascot is, I will have to find out later.  Although I wanted to continue our walk, the sandals Mikako chose to wear today were hurting her feet badly so we decided to skip going to Togoshi Jinja or Togoshi Park (we will save that for another time) and headed back home. Next week, it looks like we will be going out with some friends to Sawara in Chiba Prefecture.

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